Birth of Vagina Havers

January 19, 2015

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Pete Cullen and I talk about art, death and lobsters

April 08, 2013

Artist and educator Pete Cullen interviewed me about my lobster/ art obsession for his blog Booze Clooze.


Part 1! Modernist taboos, Christina’s World, Harnett, football

Part 2! Vanitas, Trompe L’Oeil, Red Lobster, Negligible Senescence


Read Pete’s amazing article “Soccer, Ceramics, Antisemitism, Semiotics” about Giorgios Katidis, Charles Krafft and the best grad professor he ever had.




Dear Blaster

March 18, 2013

Dear Blaster,

The thing I never told you but you always probably knew is how much I loved and appreciated you.

When I came to Baltimore I think you saw something in me, a kinship, a love of words and gags and crapola, and I always felt that no matter how much I asked you about your past, I could never hear or never convince you to say enough. By the time I got to sit you down, you were probably already beginning to brew the tumor that would take you from us, and our conversation about your adventures was scattered and rambling, and some day I will be able to listen to the tape and conjure you into the room with us again.

You tested us, our strengths and our generosities, you pushed us and you created a new world for us in your odd habits and funny smells and relentless artmaking, always artmaking, always spreading out endlessly to touch so many over the years and driving others to do the same. I covet the knowledge of the places you came from, the pain and pulsing heart of whatever underworlds you danced with in your time with us, and I can relax in knowing that others will have stories of you, and that I was able to enjoy your company and talent and generosity of spirit during a time when it may have been difficult for some.

Did we all pass you through our lives, from person to person like a hot potato or beach volleyball or fragile bean, or did you pass through ours? Its kind of the same cloaca, the same in/ out hole that we all have to face, and I am so honored and, frankly, lucky, to have been able to experience your presence for what I will always think was a time far too brief. You are the golden power of a kernel of corn, the ethereal majesty of a wisp of smoke, and you will always be in our hearts.

Again, I love you,



Rest in Peace Dr. Blaster “Al” Ackerman. The Ack.      (0000-2013)

Blaster at his daughter's house in Austin, Texas.  2011.

Blaster at his daughter’s house in Austin, Texas. 2011.


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